Mountain Challenge

We provide high quality; safe outdoor experiences, designed to change the world for the better, one person at a time.

Mountain Challenge: 180 Degrees from the Norm

The Mountain Challenge program takes students outdoors. Area mountains, lakes, rivers, and woods provide the setting. The seasons, each one distinct in its own right, provide the agenda.

In the fall and winter it may be panoramic views of changing leaves high in the mountains or cold mountain mornings shared with fellow travelers over hot drinks. Spring and summer may bring trips to appreciate the wildlife and beautiful plant life of the mountains.

The agenda might include rock climbing or canoeing on one of the beautiful mountain lakes or climbing the 高山塔. Whatever the situation, the Mountain Challenge program is a chance to face challenges head on, to struggle through some difficult and unfamiliar tasks, and to experience the thrill of achievement. The Mountain Challenge program is an opportunity to explore yourself as you explore the outdoors.

Many of the events in the Mountain Challenge program require neither experience nor special equipment. The only requirements for these events are a willingness to try new experiences and a commitment to do your best. Some events in the program do require experience and/or proper equipment. Experience can be gained through participation in other program events, and the College will supply needed equipment. Interested persons may sign up for Mountain Challenge trips at Crawford House.

Students who participate in five different Mountain Challenge events may register to receive one (1) hour of academic credit. Up to three (3) hours of academic credit can be earned through Mountain Challenge and can fulfill the College experiential education requirement.

总之, the Mountain Challenge program is about change; it is about challenge; it is about risk and growth; it is about becoming comfortable and confident outdoors…and with yourself. 


For every five (5) 开放的旅行 completed, you earn one (1) hour of class credit. The schedule for the open trips can be found on the Mountain Challenge website. Find out what’s happening and sign up at Crawford House!

The Mountain Challenge Climbing Cave is open from 6:00-7:30 pm on Tuesdays nights in the red barn behind Crawford House.


Maryville College gives first-year students who love the outdoors an opportunity to earn a $24,000 per-year fellowship. They will have an opportunity work with the more than 7,500 clients of Mountain Challenge, 有限责任公司, an award-winning company focused on providing high-quality, safe outdoor experiences that are “designed to change the world for the better, one person at a time.“要申请, find information on the 奖学金 page 财政援助. 

Maryville College also gives transfer students an opportunity to earn a $5,000 per-year award as a committed Mountain Challenge 工作人员 member. 应用, find information on the Transfer 奖学金 page 财政援助. 

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